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Descrizione del Progetto

For nursery and primary school


The Project

The main idea of this project is to give a “musical voice”  to each of the Nature’s four elements that constitute the framework of the show:  air,  water,  fire,  earth. In a journey through imagination, the sounds  will allow the public to experience a primordial knowledge of each of these elements, progressively switching from simple musical images toward  proper characterisations  (the air’s element generating the Fog and the Wind, the water’s element generating the Rain and the Puddles, the fire’s element creating the Sparks, and so on). All these characterisations are fully expressed by the music itself and by a proper theatrical mise en scène.

In general terms, the music and the show are able to speak about the deepest and ancestral connection between man and Nature, something particularly difficult to experience nowadays because of our frantic lifestyle.



The Story

The story that we have conceived speaks about Alma, a funny and dreamy character between adulthood and childhood, and her friend Gaia, a quite cute plant with long leafs. Together they will embark on a journey that will explore the Nature’s four elements, its character’s personification and, in the end, the human soul itself.

Thanks to Cicerino, the tricky little bird who will guides the two friends through  their experiences, Alma and Gaia will be able to discover, and therefore to reveal to the audience,  Nature’s  deepest treasures.

The element’s cycle, as well as the seasons one, will reveal themselves as being part of a unique wonderful circle of life, with its own cycles of deaths and rebirths.

At last,  Alma will have to face the big challenge of separating herself  from Gaia to find  her own roots. She will start a courageous journey on her own with the aim of finding fellow human beings.



Note please also that the staging present  elements of nouveau cirque  that  will give a romantic and poetic touch to the overall show


Written and directed by Fiona Dovo
with Giulia Sarah Gibbon
Original Music Irene Pacini
Choreography Consultant   Fiorella Colombo
lighting designer  Giorgio Neri
sound designer  Stefano Barbieri
Costume and Design  Laboratorio fulmicotone
graphic image  Dario Pittaluga
Voice Off: Fiona Dovo
Percussions:  Off beat
Whistles:   Francesco Ferrara
Voices: Maya Forgione, Claudia Donato, Anna Giarrocco, Nicola Belotti,Luciano Rotella
A special thanks to: Luigi Marangoni


Project Details

  • Date gennaio 11, 2016
  • Tags lingue straniere
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